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Renov8 Imaging, founded in 2007, started out as an independent freelance graphic design company working for a small ministry in Atlanta GA. Since then, we have gained the attention of ministries, Christian based companies and organizations nationwide!



Are you looking for high impact graphic design services? 

We've got you covered. From print design to web design, branding and more, we will breath new life into your ministry!





Everyday we are working to come up with new and innovative design concepts to attract more people to your ministry. Come take a look at our portfolio and see what we've been blessed to produce!




Ours is a simple philosophy, and one that we believe in whole heartedly.

Get Their Attention



Get Them To Church



Get Them Saved...Repeat



Our job is not just to design, but to help you to fully bring to pass the 

vision God gave you. We take that seriously. 

Graphic design custom fitted for you. 

Creating your brand is what helps define your ministry to the world

We will work tirelessly to bring it to life

Your website is  your online home. It needs to be beautifully designed in order to attract repeat visitors.

Do you have a need for design services on an ongoing basis? A retainer option may be best for you! Starting at the lowest prices on the market Renov8 Imaging’s design team will be at  your immediate disposal for a flat weekly rate. 

We endeavor to provide impactful graphic design that reaches out and grabs the viewer and gets them to your event. The rest is up to God & you!

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