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Renov8 Imaging is coming to FaithWorks

Hey! We're so excited to be at FaithWorks 2014! We are currently in preparation to have our first ever booth. We have something very exciting. Its called the Renov8 Experience. If you

are a minister, preacher, pastor, evangelist, psalmist or simply looking to espire to any of these offices, we want to take your headshot!

We get pictures from clients all of the time that are unsuitable for graphic design purposes. We are always going to do our best to give you the best project possible, but if we can't get a good picture it can degrade the quality of the entire project.

We want to not only take great quality photos for you, but we want to show you how you will look once those photos are taken, in a high quality project!

We'll have more details as we grow closer but get ready. October is coming!

Meet you at FaithWorks!!!

PS. For more information on FaithWorks go to


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