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Clear out the backgrounds

So....the other day I was working on a project and I was waiting for the picture of the client to add in. They sent it and it was...well....lets just say it wasn't well shot. They were standing in front of trees and flowers, and as beautiful as it seemed, the lighting was bad and it was unflattering.

Some backgrounds are good for portraits and pictures you put on your wall and family photos, etc. But when you're sending them to a graphic designer, you want to send pictures that have the most simple background possible. Possibly on an all one color background. Preferrably a white background. Its easier for us to cut you out, accurately and put you in a design with the best results. If we can't tell you hair from a leaf.....that might look weird..:-)

Don't wear white using a white background. Dont wear black on a black background.

Try to take a picture on an all one color background but wear contrasting colors.

The best way to get the best out of us, is to make sure we can get the best out of you!

Much love and God Bless


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