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Thanks for reading our blog and becoming a member of Renov8 University. Lately we've been looking to do some networking and we believe with this blog, we're able to share our work, our heart and vision and make some kingdom connections.


As of late we've been beta testing our printing process and so far its been working well. We're ironing out all of the kinks and we're looking to roll out our print shop at the top of the year. The Print Shop as we're calling it, is the next step in Renov8 Imaging becoming the one stop shop we've envisioned for so long. We have a desire to be able to service in complete fashion not just providing the artwork, but giving you top quality printing as well.

So while we're in our beta testing phase, feel free to call and/or email us and ask questions. Hard questions! We need your help, if we're going to roll this out successfully. Try and stump us! We need to be able to answer every question, and fulfil every need so that when we roll out, we're on top of our game.

We can't thank you enough for your support. God Bless you and we'll see you soon!

C. Horton

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