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Does your ministry staff have business cards? They should...

Sometimes word of mouth just isn't enough.

Its great that you have a church that you love, and your leadership team is very vocal about it. They love to spread the word about their church home. The problem is, once you've done all the talking you can do, you have to rely on a persons memory to show up on sunday morning, provided you've told them the address and any and all other pertinent information to get them there.

One way to make sure that they not only get the message, (and you dont subsequently talk their ears off) is to get business cards done. Its a low cost marketing solution that kills multiple birds with one stone.

A business card gives your leadership a tangible reference that the potential visitor can have. On it you can relay service times, the churches website, a map and most importantly, the contact information for that particular leader. It gives the potential visitor a line to the person that invited them making them feel a little more comfortable.

One of the best reasons to have a church business card is that it takes up space. Because its tangible, the potential visitor has to put it somewhere, and even if they don't come that particular sunday, and they put the card on their desk or dresser, when they see it again, it may push them to visit that next week.

Business cards have proven to be a successful marketing tool, and can also be a just as effective ministry tool.

If your ministry staff doesnt have business cards yet, go over to our Request page and order some today!

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