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Pastor Sorrentia Harris had an idea to start a skincare line and she came to us to help her bring that vision to light. She wanted to create a product that would be all natural, healing and invigorating in its benefits. In our development of this branding package, we decided that the color palette would ultimately be what pushes the message she wanted to convey. So going with an warm, earthy toned feel, using the colors of her main product at that time, the All Natural Body Oil, we believe we were able to give The GloryShine Co, the look and feel she wanted and match her vision to perfection.


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I would just like to state the professionalism of RENOV8  IMAGING! I gave them the vision and they took it to a stellar level.  My husband and I have trusted him to do all of our business websites....My website is beautiful, its functional and all of my customers love it. Thank you Courtney Horton for a successful job every time!

- Pastor Sorrentia T. Harris

The GloryShine Co.

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