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When Joan & Page came to us looking to brand their clothing line, they didn't know exactly what they were looking for. All that they knew is that they wanted to make sure their new brand represented their personalities and gave an amazing look to their new clothing line. We started out with some sketches and from there we built what we have been told, was a logo that matched their vibe, their personalities, and the deep roots of their sisterhood. Take a look at the design package and see what Page had to say about the finished product!



J + P

Our idea was to create a logo design that not only fit both of their fabulous personalities but the special bond they have in their lifelong friendship.
Rather than separate the two letters, like their friendship, we joined them together for life... 

JOPA ProofDoc PG3.jpg

Courtney!!  We LOVVVEEEEEE the new clearly God-inspired logo!! OMG it embodies exactly who we are and continually aspire to be!! We both cried when we read your thoughts behind intertwining our initials.  Thank you bro.  You brought it again! JOPA 2.0!! Leveling on up!! JESUS we thank you for this vessel of creative genius called Courtney!!   

- Page Turner,

HGTV's Flip or Flop Nashville &

Real Estate Mogul

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