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Pastor Justin Valentine of the Kingdom Life Church contacted us to do a brand facelift for his ministry. We discussed creating an image that would show his ministry as a "multicultural and multi-generational ministry". As a part of our research when we interviewed Pastor Valentine we asked, why do people want to be at KLC?

"People love our church because it is genuine and authentic. The word is preached and taught with simplicity." We wanted to ensure that this image would embody every element and we believe we captured that.

JOPA ProofDoc PG3.jpg

It has been 8 years since our first project with Renov8 Imaging. The journey with Courtney and his team has been incredible. Recently we decided to rebrand our church and come out with a new, refreshed, modern logo that would be multicultural and multi-generational. From the onset of our project there was a great effort from the design team to capture where we were looking to go! What was our message, who was our audience and what did we want our audience to know about us. Our refresh exceeded our expectations. It is the perfect bridge from where we were to where we want to go! These designs and refresh will take us well into our future. The visuals have been so captivating that we have even received compliments from our colleagues and even strangers that they love the designs! 


Thank you Courtney and Team! 

- Pastor Justin & Antoinette Valentine,

 Kingdom Life Church

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